Blacklist International Joins G2 Esports in Wild Rift

Blacklist International Joins G2 Esports in Wild Rift

Blacklist International, a big name in e-sports from the Philippines, has joined forces with G2 Esports, a well-known team from the EU. They are going to make a lot of noise with their first co-branded team, G2 Blacklist, which is ready to take over the world of League of Legends Wild Rift.

What Blacklist International Means for Mobile Esports

Blacklist International has made its mark on games like Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Call of Duty Mobile. It is already a major player in mobile gaming. Now, they’re entering the world of LoL Wild Rift with their third team, which they hope will make waves around the world. CEO of Tier One Entertainment Tryke Gutierrez talked about how special it is to work with G2, stating that this partnership is a “game-changer” for Wild Rift esports and the business as a whole.

Blacklist International: G2 Esports is a major force in League of Legends.

G2 Esports is the best League of Legends team and has won many EU LCS and LEC titles, as well as the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational. G2 is now trying their hand at mobile gaming with Wild Rift. They are already very good at games like CS:GO and Rocket League.

The Start of G2 Blacklist International

The much-anticipated first game of G2 Blacklist will happen on February 17, 2023, during the Phase 2 Qualifiers of the Wild Rift League Asia. They’ll be up against The 300 in the upper bracket quarterfinals, which will be their first test. The game is set up like a double-elimination bracket, with Nigma Galaxy playing FENNEL Adversity in the other bracket.

Street art and e-sports work together in a creative way.

The relationship between Blacklist and G2 goes beyond video games. With the help of famous Filipino street artist Juanito “Quiccs” Maiquez, an artistic touch is added, and a one-of-a-kind piece of art is promised. Blacklist, which is the official e-sports section of Tier One Entertainment, is excited to announce a brand-new series from Tier One Studios called “The Bootcamp.” Following the G2 Blacklist team as they try to win in WRL Asia will be shown in this series.

Meet the G2 Blacklist Squad

  • Baron – Karlll: Karl Ken Bautista
  • Jungle – Jace: Jairus Allain Elgera
  • Mid – Xyliath: Jhon Mike Tungol
  • Dragon – Demon: Richard Lara
  • Support/Captain – Orthros: Beaver-ed Villanueva
  • Sub/Baron – Don: Allen Dean Viola
  • Head Coach – WUrahhhh: Hans Solano
  • Assistant Coach – XDXP: Keiya Laureta

In conclusion, a new era starts in Wild Rift.

The story of G2 Blacklist isn’t just about competition; it’s a mix of creativity, strategy, and a love for e-sports. Fans can’t wait for the start of a new era in mobile gaming as they enter the Wild Rift arena. Get ready to see the rise of G2 BETSLOT, a powerhouse that created when two e-sports giants worked together.