Durians Delights at Ms Durian: More Than Just a Fruit

If you’re into or just curious about the king of fruits, Ms Durians in Jalan Besar is the place to be. This specialty durian pastry cafe offers more than your average durian experience. Let’s dive into the durian wonderland where high tea, fried durian, and chilled vibes await.


From Trees to Treats: Ms Durians Unveiled

Okay, two durian trees don’t make a farm, but Ms Durian makes you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. Tucked in Jalan Besar, this cafe is not your typical joint. Established in February, it resides in a standalone building that used to be a police post back in the ’80s. Just a quick stroll from Jalan Besar MRT, it’s an oasis that transports you from the city hustle.

Durians Delights at Ms Durian: More Than Just a Fruit

Durians Galore: Beyond the Ordinary

Ms Durian isn’t your run-of-the-mill durian spot. Yeah, they serve the regular durian delights, but they take it up a notch. Imagine feasting on durian high tea, munching on fried durian, and sipping durian-infused coffee. It’s a durian lover’s dream come true.


A Trip Down Memory Lane: Nostalgia in Every Bite

The cafe not only serves durian goodies but also dishes up a dose of nostalgia. Housed in a former police post, Ms Durian’s ambiance is a blend of old-school charm and contemporary cool. The al fresco area is a green haven, and the indoor dining space with its double-height ceilings gives off a chill vibe.


Durian Beyond the Plate: Pet-Friendly Paradise

But wait, there’s more! Ms Durian isn’t just about durian delights; it’s also a pet-friendly spot. The al fresco area welcomes your furry friends, making it a perfect hangout for both durian enthusiasts and pet lovers. Picture this – enjoying durian treats with your four-legged buddy by your side.


Standalone Durian Haven: Fruits When They’re Ripe

Ms Durian isn’t just a cafe; it’s a standalone durian haven. When the durian season hits, a little stall pops up, offering you the freshest picks. It’s like a mini durian market, and if you’re a durian connoisseur, this is your spot.


Conclusion: Ms Durian, Where Durian Dreams Come True

So, whether you’re a durian aficionado or just looking for a unique cafe experience, Ms Durian in Jalan Besar has got you covered. From durian high tea to pet-friendly hangs, it’s a place where the love for durian goes beyond the ordinary. Swing by, chill out, and let Ms Durian treat you to a durian adventure like no other